Evaluation and reflection

How did your research go?
I did the research that the tutor told us to do. I asked the client a lot of questions and I met up with the client so I could find out exactly what he wanted.

How did your idea generation go?
Before the crit I think it went quite badly because when I showed my print outs there, the tutor told me I should have shown my own ideas instead of just what the client wanted. So after the crit I made a lot of ideas and it went well after that. My logo ideas were much better after the crit too.

How do you think the final pieces turned out?
CD Cover – I’m really happy with this and the client loved the idea. I’m really happy I found a solution which included nearly everything the client asked for i.e. CCTV camera, the city, Tim and his briefcase.
CD Label – The label printed out really faded which I was disappointed about.
Business Card – I made the vectors for this myself so I was really happy about that. I really like how the vectors sit next to the type. The logo looks good too on the black background.
Logo – The client chose the globe design, so that is the one that has been used for the business card. I think the globe design makes sense because the name of the band is Pale Blue, so some kind of globe and a pale blue colour seems appropriate.

Did you do any experimentation?
I experimented with using brushes in Photoshop to make flames. Having a client felt like an experiment as I’ve never had one before.

Did you learn anything new?
Yes I learnt how to make simple vectors in Illustrator  Using a grid really helps. I also did a lot of moving vectors from Illustrator in to Photoshop which is a skill all designers need to know.

Did you enjoy this project?
Yes I did. It was an adjustment to get used to the fact that the client gets to steer the direction of your work. I’m not used to that so that felt a bit odd. I think it is much more challenging to have a real client as opposed to the other projects I have done where I steered my own way.

How was your time keeping?
It didn’t start off very well as I explained above but after that it went really well and I printed my final pieces a whole seven days early. So that was great.

What would you do differently next time?
Next time I would bring my own ideas to the crit, as well as the client’s. Next time I need a template I would like to make the template myself and perhaps try a few different shapes and designs. I saw a class mate make a nice template himself and it inspired me to try harder.

What skills do I need to develop for the future?
It would be good to improve my template making skills.

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