Research into Prog Rock/Metal

Tool’s cover for their album 10000 days
Interesting illustration of a face, made up of different parts. Reminds me of Picasso. Interesting typeface which I assume was a bespoke design for this album.

Tool’s cover for their album Aenima
This album art work shows eyes and a bright light. I see the A and E have been put together to make a grapheme.

Karnivool’s cover for their album Sound Awake
Nice classy typography. I like the glowing black pearl. It looks like an eye exploding in space.

Karnivool’s album cover for Themata
It definitely catches your eye to see a fly wearing goggles.

I think what is obvious here is that the meanings behind the images are really important. These images may look nice and eye-catching but the meaning is very important.


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