How did your research go?

I spent a lot of time working on the learning outcomes for this project. They were quite difficult and detailed. I think my research went well. I looked at a lot of different make-up looks and I looked at different pictures of thuribles online which I used in the first crit.

How did your idea generation go?

I thought this went really well. The combination of doing more than one photo shoot and more than one crit really helped me to come out with more ideas.

What process did you find helpful during this project?

I found having two crits really helpful during this project. I can put my ideas out there and it’s really helped to see what peoples reactions are. I always try to show numerous ideas so that people can compare them.

Did you do any experimentation during this project?

thurible – I tried taking a really close up picture of the thurible just to see what it would look like. I tried out a purple layer of colour in Photoshop to see if it would bring out the gold colour. It made the blurred candles look red and a bit frightening so I took it away again. I tried swinging the thurible to see if I could get a good picture. Unfortunately it came out blurred.

maquillage – I tried taking pictures of my face at many different angles. I knew this meant that a few of the pictures would look strange. It was still worthwhile to see what effect it produced.

What are the connotations of each piece?

thurible – I kept this very simple so that people would not be confused or have too many connatations that weren’t relevant to ‘thurible’. Hopefully when people see the candles they will think of a church or prayer. The thurible is rotated to make it look like it does during the mass. A thurible ‘doing its job’, a thurrible ‘at work’, blessing the surroundings is hopefully the connotations people have when they see it.

maquillage – I kept the photography to the eye only because I didn’t want people to think the word meant ‘face.’


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