Second photo shoot for thurible

Here are all the photos I took at the second photo shoot.
05 12 12 thur

I took some pictures of different potential backgrounds. Here is the tabernacle.

I bright piece of art work which I thought might be useful.

Candles and a statue.

Close up on the candles.

At the crit I realised that I would most likely end up cutting the thurible out. So I decided to take a white sheet with me and use it as a background because I thought this would make it easier to cut out. Here is how I set it up.

I also realised after the first photo shoot that some times when the light is right, the thurible looks like its glowing. So I took some pictures of it glowing. I also realised I would most likely end up using a close up so I did that too.

I think the glow makes it look slightly ethereal.

At this point I realised the thurible would be easier to cut out if the whole of the background was white instead of just the bottom half. I grabbed some prayer cushions and put them under the sheet at one end.

As you can see I could then take a picture with the thurible and a white background.

At this point there was a power cut so I couldn’t take any more pictures of the thurible. Instead I went and took pictures of the candles.


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