Research: Theatrical make-up

My tutor suggested I look at theatrical make up so I did. I did a Google image search. Here are the results:
theatrical makeup

I also looked at the web site of a professional theatrical make-up artist.

I also watched this video of Callie Manning from the Miami City Ballet doing her stage make-up.

Character Make-up

‘Often, a role calls for “character” makeup, such as stylized fairies, animals, or a look of old age. Makeup can accomplish all of these looks and many more.’

‘On stage, one’s features must be clearly visible to everyone sitting in the theater…’  ‘Everything must be more dramatic than a woman would normally wear because it must be able to be seen from the back row of the theater.’

‘You can also use makeup to create fantastic special effects—latex and spirit gum can make scars, wounds, and large crooked noses, but it can take much training and practice to be able to achieve effects that look realistic.’


I plan to do a second photo shoot on Saturday 8th December. After doing this research I went out and bought some self adhesive gems which I plan to use to make a more dramatic look.
self adhesive

I also bought these false lashes. I have seen false lashes in nearly all the research images I’ve looked at.
nadine lashes


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