Crit and feedback for ‘thurible’

Here is the feedback I got at the crit.


My evaluation: I forgot to take this to the crit. I like the picture but the photography tutor warned me against putting images in the gutter because a lot of it would get lost. I have found it irritating in the past when I wanted to look at a picture and a lot of it was lost in the gutter. So I won’t be using this layout.


This idea makes a feature out of the smoke more than the thurible. I won’t be using this idea as it is here.


The tutor mentioned that the picture of the thurible could be made bigger and I totally agree. I wont be using this idea as it is here but I’m glad I tried it out.


The tutor asked me to consider that a nice background might improve the picture. She asked if the church had flowers. I said I didn’t think so but I would check when I went to visit. Lucy ( said a good background to have would be a cross. I wasnt sure if there were any crosses there either. It was helpful to get this feedback because I didn’t realise the background would be important as you can see from my ideas.


Update: When I went to the church it did have flowers and some crosses so I tried my best to get some pictures with these backgrounds.


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