Vorticism – Images – Part 3 (Final part)

‘Abstract Composition’ Created by Jessica Dismorr

The entry in the catalogue of the Vorticist exhibition of 1956 suggests that the date of this work might be 1915 on the grounds of its resemblance to the artist’s woodcuts in Blast No. 2 of that year.

Perhaps because of the different media, it appears more space-conscious, more abstract and less decorative than the woodcuts in Blast. More precisely it seems to reflect the style of Bomberg’s ‘Mud Bath’ (1913–14) rather than that of Wyndham Lewis.


‘Composition’ Created by Wyndham Lewis in 1913.

This composition was among the first works by Lewis to suggest the architectural and mechanistic rhythm of urban life using a distinctive abstract style.


‘iv’ Created by David Bomberg (1914-19)

Although the date of publication of these lithographs was 1919, they can be dated also to circa 1914 both on stylistic grounds and on the statement of Bomberg’s first wife Alice Mayes in 1965 that, to make the lithographs, ‘David took six of the little drawings he had coloured before he went away to the War’.



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