Conclusions to Research

  • A genuine smile is called a Duchenne smile.
  • A genuine smile arises from the limbic system.
  • A fake smile is generated in the cerebral cortex.
  • The differences between a real or fake smile are quite small and humans are not very accurate at differentiating between the two.
  • Research shows those who displayed Duchenne smiles in their school/college yearbook photo were more likely to live happier, longer lives.
  • The documentary I watched called ‘Too ugly for love’ was very interesting because it showed the different ways in which BDD affects suffers.
  • Some avoid social interactions and some resort to plastic surgery.
  • Kayla had seven operations on her nose to try to correct the imperfections she perceived.

  • It was appalling to hear that Kayla had been on a waiting list  for counselling for nearly two and a half years.
  • Plastic surgery does not alleviate the problems of sufferers. Cosmetic surgery can actually exacerbate the condition.
  • There is a high instance of suicide in suffers. ‘Subjects had high rates of lifetime suicidal ideation (78.0%) and suicide attempts (27.5%). Body dysmorphic disorder was the primary reason for suicidal ideation in 70.5% of those with a history of ideation and nearly half of subjects with a past attempt.’
  • Some famous people who are suspected of suffering from BDD are Heidi Montag and the late Michael Jackson.
  • Using the brushes was fun. Hopefully they will work to create blemishes and scars on the photograph. Some looked more realistic than others.
  • Sufferers display repetitive behaviors such as picking their skin and looking in the mirror.
  • Babies are very sensitive to the facial expressions of others.

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