Lazy Sunday Afternoon spread – from start to finish

Here are the pictures I decided to try to use. All my own photography.

The typeface I used for the main title I found in my research and I absolutely love it. I think it typifies the current trend for this type of typeface.

Here I am starting:

Here is my first idea using a grid.

Here I have changed the sell. I showed this to the tutor to get feedback. He suggested a few improvements which I will detail below.

Here I’m adding a gradient to the title.

Here I am learning to add the white to transparent box that will cover the picture to make the type stand out.

I tried another layout.

I tried some different pictures and compared these two spreads. I prefer the spread on the right because it looks more balanced.

Here I am fixing rivers.

Final design:

Evaluate – I really like this spread because I love the typeface and I like the eye-catching flower. The layout doesn’t look too busy but I expect some criticism.

Connotations – Type gradient reminds me of a sunset. This spread invokes a traditional lifestyle enjoyed in the country side.

The text I used to flesh out my article is from here:

The typefaces I used are:

main title = Hera Big in 67pt
sell = Myriad Pro in 20pt
body text = Myriad Pro in 9pt
pull quote = Highway gothic wide in 14pt


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