To use svBuilder I had to install adobe AIR.

This is the first page of svBuilder. From here I clicked on New Gallery.

I dragged and dropped all of my images into svBuilder.

I added text into the captions for each image.

I clicked customise. I edited the number of rows and columns to two rows and six columns. I also made the text colour dark grey, as well as the frame.

I ticked the option to make the background transparent since my website has a white background.

I clicked browse and selected the folder called gallery which is located in the root folder.

I clicked save.

At this point I realised I needed to work out how to make the svBuilder work with my website design. I made my original portfolio file in Photoshop and then in dreamweaver. The file that this produced was a .html file. After I had made my gallery in svBuilder I noticed that the file it produced was also a .html file. So I worked out that I might be able to link the svbuilder gallery to my website in the same way that I had linked the one that I made in dreamweaver.

In dreamweaver I clicked on the portfolio button.

I clicked on the target icon and dragged the cursor over to the file called gallery.html.

This then made the gallery.html file appear in the link box.

I repeated this method on each page.

I clicked File > Preview in browser to see if it worked or not. I clicked the portfolio button.

This took my directly to my svBuilder gallery.


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